Grenoble Flânerie

Just a few shots that were on my iphone.

at left, Tomme de Savoie. at right, Beaufort.

On the rives of the Isère river in Grenoble.

I dangled my legs off this ledge and soaked in the warm sun.
The museum is across the street.

This was, without exaggeration, one of the most memorable exhibitions I have ever seen.

The show consisted of 6 expressionist paintings, each of which was given a detailed art historical analysis aimed at the common art gallery visitor. In each room was the painting in question on one wall. On the other three walls were a chronology of the artist's life within the Impressionist movement, a general overview of the work situated within the artist's oeuvre, and an in-depth analysis of the work itself.

Not only did this show draw a particular focus to the fact that The Impressionists were, in their time, avant-garde and incredibly modern, it also permitted the visitor to leave the museum having learned enough about each particular work to be able to understand the group as a whole.

To top it all off, the show had its own concise exhibition catalog. This seems like such a luxury to us Canadians, where limited arts funding never allows for the possibility of a publication to go along with this type of small show (only 6 paintings!), but it was priced at only €8!

This museum is fantastic, and its scale and quality is completely unexpected from a city like Grenoble, which is hardly an art capital like Paris or Madrid. I think it is completely worth a detour if you're ever in the region. They have an comprehensive European Art collection from classical to modern times (they have two Chaim Soutines!!), an intact Egyptian mummy of a female prophet with the first intact lute ever found in Egypt, and a surprising contemporary art collection with good pieces from Donald Judd to Jeff Wall. I visit it every time I'm in France (my grandfather lives in Grenoble) and always spend a day there.

Trésors acquis en France

I really like notebooks. This one is lined, which I normally don't like, but this
creamsicle colour spoke to me. It also has the little folder at the back like the moleskine, however, it is made in France unlike a moleskine. Hemingway may not have used Rhodias, but generations of French children have and many of them became great authors anyway.

I've had really good luck with books since I arrived. Here are some of my finds.
Particularly worthy of note is Dur, dur. It happens to be the only Banana Yoshimoto book I haven't read. I'm excited to read it translated into French, as I find the English translations pretty wonky at best. Bottom right is one of the last Saint-Exupery books I haven't found in French in Canada. The other books I found in the buy-two-get-one-free bin at the used bookstore.

This is the actual bottles Coca Light is being sold it. There's another edition for Milka, but
who cares about Milka when you can have a Karl Lagerfeld Coke????
Just so you know, I am the coolest cuz I own this. I will place it next to my Christian Lacroix
limited edition glass Evian bottle from a couple xmases ago.

Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle. I've worn this every second since I bought it.
Women in France wear lipstick like they wear perfume, that is, all the time. I'm immersing
myself into the local culture. It's so becoming.

May 20 -- chez Paul Bocuse

Joyeux Anniversaire!!
Old friends Henri (my grandpa, left) and Paul Bocuse!

Yesterday, for the celebration of my grandfather Henri's 80th birthday,
my entire family enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Paul Bocuse's world famous 3-star restaurant.
This is a shot of his kitchen!

Though it would take me at least one entire blog entry to just talk to you about the food,
I'll instead show you this dessert (one of many desserts we had) and direct you to my mom's
cooking blog for more details about our menu.

My mom, see below, aka The Cooking Frog.

This is the exterior of Paul's restaurant.

Apéritif: Champagne Henriot Brut Souverain.

Avec Paul!


Tonton Jean-Louis, Tati Veronique (Vero 1), et Vero 2 (moi) au milieu.

moment candide.

Such an incredible day for a truly wonderful occasion!

20 mai

silk blouse from my mom, skirt by The Kooples, shoes by Kenneth Cole.