The Kills

Grace Nylon's February issue!

yay! i don't think anyone has been anticipating their new album more than me. Sometimes I wonder how it is that nobody knows this band..

VV and Hotel are the hottest musical duo in the world. Not to mention the fact that they frolic with royalty.. Hotel (Jamie Hince) has been spending time with Kate Moss lately.

Here's Hince telling NYLON about the new album URA Fever:

"[URA Fever] is about Dalston, the neighborhood where we live in London. It's really poor, really rough, and it’s one of those last bastions where artists can live, because it’s so cheap, and it’s really rare to find that kind of thing in London now. I love the area, it’s dangerous as hell, but I love it. You see all these couples walking around, just sort of daydreaming about their lives. And the song is just sort of two mundane love stories, about not really doing anything, just wandering around. Hanging around, buying a drink, playing fruit machines, and just being ecstatically happy and feeling like you’re something special, because you have to feel like that just to get through the day in Dalston." - Jamie Hince

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