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Personal favorite...Lifeboat! To Catch a Thief close 2nd.


Pricacy Policy said...

These photos are amazing, although it makes me think that celebrities have more time on their hands than I thought. It is SICK SICK SICK how much they made Scarlett look like Grace Kelly. Rear Window was on TCM last night for their OSCAR fest and Kelly is so radiant - from the thumbnail, it's impossible to tell that it's not her, it's Scarlett.

So, I just picked up the FEB Vouge and of course, I have so many questions for you.

First, holy fucking shit, the disney advertisements. The Scarlett one is the best because it looks identical to the cartoon, the others are a little disappointing after having seen it. What do you think? After I get my degree let's go get jobs in disney land, okay? I think you could do a great Belle.

Second, please address the Balenciaga 2008 collection in your blog, explaining the following:
1. Why it's okay for models to have eyebrows like that and not for me.
2. Why this collection is so fucking awesome. RE: The Boots.

3. I saw more of the mui mui ads you mentioned earlier and I am now caused to consider why Armani is my favourite? Which designer label is the most ME? Mui Mui's child-like bows in the hair and mini dresses type thing gets me switched on... hmmm...I am paging through Vouge some more.

4. Why do bright colours this season not feel right? Like Versache Orange?


2 more things:
1. Tofino?
2. I am making a mix tape with the theme "I want you back" , with the range of space jazz to blues rock. Any suggestions?

Veronica said...

dear kiera
it makes me so happy you read this with such enthusiasm. yes!!

Glad you liked that spread, it's amazing.
February Vogue.. well, the disney adverts are annie liebowitz, photographer to the stars. I agree with you about Scarlett's though, came out super well. But I definitely can't work at disneyland.

Ill do a thing on balenciaga. wow thanks for such a great assignment, LOVE nicolas ghesquiere's stuff..ADORE the jackets with the fur collar that ashley olsen's been wearing. and of course, the boots.

And lastly- no one does feminine like Miuccia Prada (she leads both Miu Miu and Prada).

Bright colours are still lingering...And I think that no designer label is YOU! you do you best.

Im so happy someone else is always up this late.. it's comforting.