bad clothes..

..sometimes happen to stylish people.

fire your stylist kate. unless youre going for the paris hilton princess look, of course.



michelle said...

I love it from the collarbone up, though-- she looks so happy and healthy and shiny. Remember when she looked like bobble-headed death?

Veronica said...

imo she still looks like that. I mean, remember in the days of blue crush? she was amazing!
but to be a fashion muse one must be a bobble-head..

michelle said...

Blue Crush is the only thing, EVER, that has made me want to work out. Oh man she is so hot in that, and beachy. It's a good look for her, definitely. And she's bobble-headed, I'll grant you, but better than 2006:

michelle said...

Oh no it cut off my link