"Bringing out the flask! Bang bang youre DRUNK!"

photos by Brad Walsh

Random Text Messages from his phone:

"Im drinking olde english and folding laundry. But i could put on lipstick and come meet you."

"An old woman is open mouth chewing a Filet O Fish across from me and I want to jump in front of a bus."

"I dropped my phone in the toilet & it said 'this accessory does not work with the iPhone.'"

"Yo, snap some sweet photos tonight, wish I was there to hide behind a strangers sweater vest"

"just fuck chloe sevigny and get out of there"

"wish i was at the club, exchanging sarcastic looks with you and appearing syndromey."

here's an M.I.A. remix of pull up the people he did.
here's a brad walsh original.

Brad Walsh is a nyc photographer who djs, takes pictures and basically is just famous.
bradwalsh.com if you care.


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