Case Study: Kieran E. O'Brien

I'm gonna pull a VicChic here and profile my best friend. (ouch!)

No but for serious, Kiera is famous.
if you don't know her, it's either cuz you live under a rock, or aren't worth knowing yourself.

not only are kiera's pictures tremendous (she's been published here and there, in Victoria's own The Metropolitan for example), but she photographs insanely well herself. I only know like 5 people more photogenic than her, and theyve all had Vogue Paris covers.
if you don't believe me you have not seen her facebook profile photos.

The self-described "Bai-Ling of Victoria" shows us she is so much more than that. Not only is she not a petty thief, but she also looks more like a trendster than a fashion disaster (no offense kiera, i hate bai ling's style).

more from the notorious heartbreaker, go-go dancer and PHOTOGRAPHER (yes, she's amazing) in her own words.

On her outfit:
"It was like "washed up fourth-year university flunkie bar star does catholic prep school girl because she's nostalgic for a time when she was young and had hope and prospects but at the same time is ironically self-aware of of the fact that thinking you're a failure at 21 is ridiculous."

Let's talk about contrasts. A cowichan sweater (woop!), white knee-highs+kilt combo, and fire in the eyes. Ivan the facehunter would eat you up with a spoon, sweetheart.

For fun, here's an out-take.


michelle said...

Ahh. I saw her leaving the library and thought, "Cute outfit... she must be really cold". It was cold out. The first thought was the relevant one.

michelle said...

Clarification: I was leaving the library. I think Kieran was outside Clearihue. I hate misplaced modifiers.

Veronica said...

is it cold in victoria??

one must suffer to look this fierce