Edward Hopper at the Art Institute of Chicago (til May 10th)

Edward Hopper


Edward Hopper (1882–1967), creator of art that novelist John Updike described as "calm, silent, stoic, luminous, and classic," is one of the most enduring and popular American painters of the 20th century. A pivotal artist who was intensely private, Hopper made solitude and introspection important themes in his paintings, which have been celebrated as a part of the very grain and texture of the American experience.

Edward Hopper and its companion exhibition, Watercolors by Winslow Homer: The Color of Light, provide a survey of the American realist tradition and chart the growth of modern subject matter—from Homer, America’s first modernist, to Hopper, the nation’s best known 20th-century realist.


Edward Hopper, 14 August 1960
photographed by Arnold Newman

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