FAFI Interview with Married to the Mob

Here are some of my personal faves I've been hoarding on my computer for yearssssssss. Theyre all from Fafi's site from various times. (fafi.net)

Married to the MOB interview with the legendary FAFI, collaborator with Colette in Paris, and now MAC.

Where are you from?
I am from a middle sized city in south of France, Toulouse !
When did you start writing, what inspired you? Where you always drawing your sexy “fafinettes” or did you start with basic tags?
I started painting in 1994, I wanted to do graffiti for months but i quickly realized spray can was difficult to handle when I looked at my tags, so I gave up…I was already drawing girls characters, like most of the teenage girls I guess, but paper was the only support I had…When i started, I was painting strange martian characters, as I was forced to draw them on the side, i felt a lack of expression and i came back to my early drawings : human girls. They lead me naturally to the Fafinettes, I didn’t gave them this name, people did. The Fafinettes have heart painted on their cheeks and they often wear stripped arm warmers.

Where did the name FAFI come from?
My real name is very close to it. My friend Tober gave it to me, it’s a nickname. When i’m on the phone, nobody understands it, it’s really annoying,…”ha yes, sophie, hold on…”
What was up with the whole graffiti scene over in Toulouse? When did you make your way over to Paris, and how did that scene compare to the one in your hometown?
I have learned all the rules of graffiti there, there was a very good crew : la Truskool, who have teached all the kids at that time and had connections in NYC with Cope and T.kid…Then I think Toulouse was the city where we had the most important percentage of girls painting!! Lus, Plume, Koralie, Kenza etc…We were a bunch and kicking the boys ass. I came 3 years ago in Paris, to be honest, I almost have no relations now with graffiti writers. The people I see most here don’t do graffiti, they work in music or are graphic designers, I am getting old!!
A lot of people - internet forums, shit like that - have compared you to Miss Van. Some say that’s a good thing, others try and say one of you stole style from the other. How do you feel about all that talk? And what’s your relationship with her?
First of all, if Miss Van and Kat didn’t started to paint, I am pretty sure I would have never paint on walls! It’s just normal the people compare, we are coming from the same city, we were painting girls on walls at the same time. Now, i don’t think we talk about the same thing, just look at her work and mine, it’s drastically different, plus she is such a better painter. Finally, I don’t give any interest about the blabla anonymous forum/bloggers can spread, I have things to do, you know…Like, running to the park, buying toothpaste, going to Ikea, cut my toe nails and put the last dark blue Chanel polish.

So you went from being a street artist to this amazing cult figure in art culture. How did you cross from the streets into the media?
When you are a girl in a so-called male dominant field such as graffiti, medias are stuck on you, so I am used to it since my beginnings. From the start, besides pleasure that I had from painting outside and do something forbidden, I wanted to get recognition, and later, If possible give hope and inspiration to other girls in other cities to do the same. I never wanted to be the only one or the most famous, I want to share and inspire.
Is it ever hard for you, or does it ever get tired performing or painting for people? If you could be doing anything else, workwise, what would it be?
I do a lot of stuff, I pretend to spin records sometimes, I party a little bit, I hang around with my old moped, I see my friends and take care of my family, I could have been a cook, an architect, I could have worked on a market selling fish, I could have work at codognato’s. I am never tired of painting in the streets when it’s happening, when I do it, I am so well welcome and I usually paint with the locals (in mexico with News and Mookiena, with all the Melbourne girls in Hosier Lane, etc..), that I have nothing to complain about. I think I would change my job if I felt there was nothing more to do. Since 2 years, I have invented a virtual world where the Fafinettes lives along with Birtak, Hmilo and the Hillminis, they are not alone anymore and they have all specific stories to tell. This world’s name is the Carmine Vault. Each character has his specific story.
Now for fun stuff! You’re a sexy female artist, a mama, a wifey, what’s a regular day like for you? I picture you waking up in purple silk sheets surrounded with animals like in snow white.
I don’t want to break your dream, I can see the moon when I am in my bed.
If you could be an animal, which would you be and why?
I would have been a louse in “who’s the boss ?” to hide in Angela Bauer’s hair.

Favorite flavor of ice cream?
Describe your perfect crepe:
Cointreau, salted butter, at my mum’s house during Christmas holidays while watching ” journey to the center of the earth” with James Mason.

How did you get involved in this project for M.A.C?
They approached me, it’s a cool project, I wanted to do that kind of thing for a long time.
Talk a bit about the line. What’s it called, What items are in it, what colors are there, what design did you choose for the packaging, and basically what makes it Fafi-makeup and not just regular makeup?

I think it’s regular make-up with a Fafi packaging! I didn’t work on the colors. I never bought M.A.C before because it was too expensive, but it’s actually crazy products and textures I have to say. I didn’t want to do random packaging, so I’ve created 3 characters for them: Eriko, Ermine and Monoka. They are from the CV but they sometimes come on earth to see what’s happening. They cannot be seen by human beings, so when they come it’s night time. Eriko loves Paris, french recipes and can’t stand people who owns restaurant and do mediocre food. Monoka loves to go to to Shibuya, Tokyo to sing 50 cent songs. Ermine searches for graffiti in NY with her camera.
When do they drop? Are the products limited, and if so how long will they be in M.A.C stores?
They drop for St Valentine’s day in the U.S and at Colette, then one month later everywhere else. I am going in a few countries to promote it, I just cancelled my Dubaï event due to human reasons! Ha! it’s the first time i am involved in something.
Which product off of the line is your favorite, and why?
I have to wait, as usual I will be the last one to put my hands on it.

Finally, aside from the M.A.C collabo, any future projects we can know about?

M.A.C approached me so I can make it rain a little bit and share my business tickets with the ones I love. Additionaly, I can work exclusively on my comic which is the project I am most interested in at the moment. It’s an amazing exercise : I have to build scenarios, get a killer graphic story, create specific behaviour, make my characters alive and finally give a tune. First volume is Birtak’s story.

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