FINALLY the new Olsen line we can afford.
The Row is fabulous but out of my price range. now THESE pieces are great! check out the site for more.
in case you wondered, mark thecobrasnake photographed this stuff.

it just occurred to me that i saw Heidi in this dress a few weeks ago. Luckily, i'd saved the pic!


michelle said...

I love this dress (and the skirt just like it)-- and I hate a lot of sequins. It's like MK and Ashley and Chloe Sevigny represent the two extremes of celebrity designers.

Veronica said...

well, there are a lot of sequins to deal with. you are right. This line is so whimsical compared to their stern The Row.

That said, the reason ive posted a big fat nothing on Chloe's line for Costume National is that I did not like the clothes or the aesthetic behind them. Same reason I dont like the jovovich-Hawk capsule available now. Yuck. boho was sooooo 2002..........