Julian Schnabel

I can't recall whether or not I made a note about Schnabel's second film"The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"(2007). Seems to me to have been one of those films that despite having been nominated for a few oscars, no one had seen. Perhaps its title was holding people back.. not sure.
Either way, TERRIFIC film and by that I mean Schnabel should have won something. Indeed, even his directorial debut "Basquiat" is a terrific bit of cinema. For a man who is one of the most renowned painters of our time, the crossover to film seemed easy.
Please see the film. And then talk with me about it!

"Art, film and music have nothing to do with fashion asides from fashion, by necessity, having to associate itself with other art forms because it is in itself vapid and cannot stand alone." - Julian Schnabel in Dazed and Confused.

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