ohhhh Nat!

here she is in this month's Marie Claire, looking dreamy and adorable.

Went to see The Other Boleyn Girl last night.
All i can say is that it wasn't as awful as Rotten's scathing reviews made it out to be, but it wasn't nearly as good as it EASILY could have been. My friend Vaughn blamed the screenwriter. Though based off the novel by Philippa Gregory, whoever wrote this script had some serious trouble with pace.
This film was basically a two hour soap! With cheesy shots of mushy faces and all. We shouldnt have been laughing but we were. Natalie did a great job as Ann Boleyn. SHE'S NO NATALIE DORMER (who plays ann in the hit tv-series The Tudors along Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) but she tried. Scarlett was her usual dummy-eyed self. must have been hard to follow behind Portman, and for that she should be commended. The real surprise of the film, however, was Eric Bana! After years of terrible film choices, and (as a result) terrible acting, he was a role where he really shone. He could have easily been obscured by hollywood's It starlets of the moment, yet i found him to be compelling; the perfect balance between mush and butch.

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