so apparantly onesies are cool for grownups..

Veronica said...

bad bridesmaid dresses do make excellent streetstyle.. if youre a MORMON

March 11, 2008 8:43 PM

Anonymous christen said...

actually, it's a onsie from still life, veronica. (see the first comment)

March 11, 2008 9:43 PM

Blogger Veronica said...

hey christen. it's not because you bought a dress at still life that it isn't boring. or ugly.

and the only place i might wear that "onesie" (read: frumpy jumpsuit) is at a summer wedding. in florida.

March 14, 2008 8:11 PM


INSTEAD, I say give me this adorable Brian Lichtenberg strapless olive jumpsuit.
age appropriate, and not made from leftover curtains!



Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, it's fairly obvious that she's just saying it's a onesie, not a dress.

touchy touchy

Veronica said...


Veronica said...

what was that about jesus christ?

Anonymous said...

agreed that the lichtenberg onesie trumps the one in the photo, though

Veronica said...

i love compromise

christen said...

whoever wrote that first comment is right. i was only pointing out that it was a onesie, not a dress (mormon or otherwise). also, i find it interesting that you posted the comment you left on the vic chic, but not the one i wrote that followed yours. i guess it's understandable, though.

as a side note, i do really like the strapless jumpsuit you've posted, and agree that the material, cut and length are much better suited for a woman in her twenties.


Veronica said...

hey christen,
i dont think i saw the comments posted after me, otherwise for the sake of fairness I would have included them. Ill go back and correct.
cheers, V