this woman is a STYLIST?

there is no hope left in the world.
look at her. i mean, LOOK. if you were my friend and you looked like this, you can bet i would either cancel our plans, or tell you to change back into what you were wearing. even if it was leggings and flip flops.
rachel zoe's outfit, deportment, demeanor and physique is burning my eyes.
worst part= someone gave this toothpick impostor a reality show. guess she even made the d-list. along with tori spelling.



michelle said...

Rachel Zoe terrifies me, as no other psuedo-celebrity has since Carrot Top. She's so creepy. I just picture her on her reality show, promoting protrusive ribcages as the new black.

Veronica said...

hahahah so true, so true

Veronica said...

nicole richie barely made it out alive. last seen high on vicodin and reefer going down the freeway the Wrong Way! i blame the Zoe.
somehow, only good charlotte could save her..."hold.. on.."