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Matt Savage
Today at 11:49am
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hi veronica,
your comments on my blog have stirred up some controversy, which, in my opinion, is a good thing. so since we've met and talked before I wanted to ask, what would you want to see in terms of people's style slash the photos from now on.
matt savage

Veronica Best
Today at 5:29pm
dear matt savage,

Initially, i planned to send you some sort of message about what happened on the blog. I am glad that you wrote me, and appreciate that you didnt take the same murderous tone that everyone else seems to have taken in dealing with criticism.

first of all, it's the fucking internet, people need to chill.

now that i have the chance, i'll explain my little outburst. geez, after so many complaints from friends and acquaintances (in confidence, many of them are directly affiliated with all the vic chic posse) I decided that perhaps someone ought to point out that a streetstyle blog putting up the same people over and over again isn't entertaining.. it's vanity.
I mean, scott the sartorialist gets away with it. but let's face it, the day that you have multiple pics of Carine Roitfeld or Gilles Bensimon, you can post them all up, too.
also, we all got tired of seeing bland pictures . By bland, i mean in the "streetstyle" sense. Surely there are people in victoria who don't necessarily follow the proscribed hipster-style, which is obviously passe at this point. In my opinion, streetstyle should showcase people who are original, spontaneous or..have taken some kind of risk. People who look like everyone else don't need a blog to celebrate them, even if they are friends with its creators.
Victoria is a diverse place with so many people who fit outside of this "box" and the reason we had a little fun with your blog was...well, we just wanted to ask you to push the envelope. a little.

i guess i should also take this opportunity to congratulate you on the blog's success. There are some great shots on there quite often (i meant it about that nat portman/sam morton look-alike). And if anything, the fact that we made such a big deal only means we give a shit, which means we care. i love streetstyle blogs. i love victoria. i like your blog.

sorry about being snarky. im kind of a brat, and I apologize (sincere!)



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It seems lately as if the comments have been spiraling downward.. why? Let's try to have constructive critique, creative response, and overall positivism replace this new trend of anonymous slagging and negativity. Thanks everyone - Matt + Kevin

I agree! I hope I didn't come off too fiery today on campus, Kevin. A little controversy just goes to show that people are really passionate about what you are doing here. I hope that we can all take your advice and inject a little intelligence into our responses. I can't wait to see what you do next!
The self proclaimed Bai Ling of Victoria Street Style,
- Kieran O'Brien

PS. Kevin and Matt, I'm not sure you are on the mailing list, but The Metropolitan is doing a really cool showcase of like a hundred hundred-word articles in one of their upcoming issues. You should submit some of your material, they are looking for all sorts of contributions!

March 12, 2008 2:44 PM
Blogger Veronica said...

I apologize for being sharply critical. In the future, I will endeavor to be more constructive in my criticism. Please accept my white flag of truce!


Innisfree said...

LOL fucking eh, Vero.

I'm glad that we stuck together, managed to re-orient the image of ourselves as jerks, did not retract our statements regarding the content of the blog and ultimately are not going to be subjected to rotten fruit throwing in public...
- Your partner in EVERYTHING.

Veronica said...

this might sound like a cliche, but sometimes I even amaze myself.