Kate vs. Sienna

So recently we were talking about about the days of Blue Crush, Orlando Bloom.. pre-fashionista days (pre being worshipped by vogue days).. and conceded that Kate had, in fact, made some progress compared to the last year or so of obvious lack of food intake.
I am sad to say that she has relapsed. Here she is dressed in what I can honestly is one of the most wicked looks ive seen in ages (the boots! the layered dress!). However, her gaunt cheeks are so obviously painful.

Now, as a counterpoint, here is our newly engaged Sienna Miller, half of the sister duo behind 28Twelve. Here she is looking terribly adorable in the sunshine, in her trusty Vivienne Westwood pirate boots (she's had them for years, every time i see them i ache in jealousy..) and what i presume must be a dress from their own designs. Okay, it's true that I just like Sienna (even in the going-out-only-in-support-top-panty-hose-as-pants day) and therefore think Kate should somehow take cues from her, but at least I admit that..
Well played Sienna.

and just for fun to those of you who may have missed this:


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