Met Ball Fug Carpet: Mischa Barton and Margherita Missoni

MISCHA: Aren't we an awesome pair?
MARGHERITA: Could these sacks we're wearing BE any more festive?
MISCHA: What, so you're Chandler Bing now?
MARGHERITA: Who was your tailor? One of the Olsen twins?
MISCHA: Who was yours? Dolly Parton's bedding designer?
MARGHERITA: Is that bodice oozing down your front?
MISCHA: Did you know I found last night's panties hidden behind that dustruffle on your chest?
MARGHERITA: Did YOU know those sleeves are illegal in 30 states?
MISCHA: How did your dress get its manslaughter charges dropped?
MARGHERITA: What's your superhero theme -- the She-Hulk?
MISCHA: Feeling blind today, Blunder Woman?
MARGHERITA: This was fun; want to do it again next year?
MISCHA: Should we agree to get our dresses fitted next time?
MARGHERITA: Would there be ANY fun in that?
MISCHA: Does this at least mean I can eat the canapes tonight?
MARGHERITA: Do you have to ask?

the girls at GoFUGyourself are geniuses

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