Helena Christensen Photography

At Dactyl.org

December 15th – January 10, 2008

Helena Christensen

far from, close

Helena Christensen in her new exhibition "far from, close" offers a series of extremely diverse images -- environments, characters, objects and somber abstractions -- that share a brooding lyricism which unites them in mood, tenor, and tone. Her varied often oblique meanings consistently delight the viewer in pleasurably manipulative ways. Nonchalant yet forceful, unreal and rigorous, satisfying and full of yearning, Christensen's imagery reveals both the consummate dreamer and doubter as she queries her world. Especially poignant is the uncanny solitude that recurs throughout the series; a single boy on a industrialized playground, a woman with eyes on the horizon, a forest animated by moonlight, and small estranged figures in apocalyptic landscapes, sometimes turbulent, sometimes sorrowful and serene, but always engaging and real.

Neil Grayson

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