Madonna for Louis Vuitton

i get the feeling that marc has just let a circus troop take care of his affairs at Louis. When I heard Madonna was to star in the next campaign, it sounded promising. Heck, she's no Coppola, or Sean Connery, but she's a star I guess. Here is the best they could do with Madonna:

I'm far from thrilled. The shot is dirty, and i don't just mean the colours. I also refer to the framing. like why aren't the legs of that chair properly inside the frame? why is the top shoe blurry, while the bottom one is in focus? don't you think the green featherdress thing madonna wore a few weeks ago would have looked better here than that orange duster-looking thing?

Sadly, dlisted pointed out the most obvious flaw of the whole ordeal. For those of us who watch ANTM (whether or not you admit it) you remember that this past season the belle of the bunch was Sheena. a half japanese half american half fox who was perpetually accused of being "too sexy"? In one particular episode, the girls were challenged to sell accessories using their bodies creatively. here is what our girl Sheena came up with:

Striking! The similarities are laughable, and pathetic. Too bad for Madonna. Too bad for LV..
I welcome your thoughts.

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