Dear Friends.
2008 was a really, really great year for me. thanks for all the unwavering support and friendship, the text messages, the flowers, the long drives, the nights, and for taking me seriously (as much as possible, anyway).
Lipstick kisses, \\V

ps. As you know, I started taking pictures last January, after getting the holga for xmas. here is a selection of some of my favorite photographs from 2008, most with holga, but a few others, too. it is a random selection based on my mood today, but these have stood out for me.
oh- and thanks for taking an interest in my silly little blog.


all photographs taken by me, except the one of Ish and I on the granville st bridge.


Linnea said...

some beautiful pictures!

ian said...

nice html burn on jonbon lol

Veronicahhh said...

so not a burn! that's his favorite song!

Anonymous said...

I did not give u permission to post a picture of me on the internet, you MUST take it down immediately.

Veronicahhh said...

ok- but anon, is this CJ or JB or NW or MR or KO or KD or MB or DB?
i must know who is talking to take down their photo...