Scott Sartorialist for DKNY

Scott Schuman, famed as the sartorialist (i won't link you to his blog, it's in your favorites), has begun to branch from doing just SS photos to being a regular GQ contributor and now has launched himself into photographing campaigns. Case in point is DKNY, at left.
I was going to offer a disclaimer along the lines of.. I really like his shots sure he's great yeah yeah yeah.. but I think i'll just say it. This is so terribly boring. That woman (alana zimmer) looks beyond bored. Those jeans do not fit her. her shoulders are hunched. i'm bored, and that's saying a lot considering how much I love alana (and her new bangs!! woot). And this man (Laurent Albucher).. could we have found a shirt with shorter short sleeves? and is the tie really appropriate considering those ill-fitted baggy jeans and his companion's accoutrement? Not only that, but the way his arm covers hers makes me think he was photoshopped atop the existing photo.
sorry Scott.. you let me down.

styled by tabitha simmons


him said...

spot on
yes yer right

84/85 said...

when he originally posted these on Sart a few weeks ago I left a critical yet constructive comment.. which he didn't publish. guess he doesn't want to upset Donna..

point being, these ads are TERRIBLE

Kimmy said...

Vero you are so right.
These jeans are incredibly ill fitted.
I also would like to add that placing a white and blue shirt next to an all cream top attire is unpleasing.