Found photographs --Magpies!

Lately, I've noticed that many of you are interested in the heavier jewellery look. Big statement necklaces (Patience, Mag), loads of rings, bigger earrings. I think i mentioned it before, but the whole deal just reminds me of magpies for some reason! And then in Fashion Canada magazine (this march's issue with MKO on the cover), the concept of magpies was also mentioned in regards to jewellery. This edition of "found" is imagined around that.
side note: i'm not featured here. I love this look on everyone else, but i'm a pretty stark minimalist when it comes to adornments. I have my pearl necklace i never take off, my silver bird bracelet, and my watch. no "statement" stuff.
Here is Patience's neck yesterday. gorgeous!
Rumi's bowl of stuff she wears most often.
Mag and her chanel-necklaces-white-tee-black-bra combo.
elin eriksson
from Karo's blog, this shot from Dazed & Confused March 2009 Photo by Mariano Vivanco
MKO from wwwd.


Anonymous said...

irony of the day:
there is a jewellery company called "Magpie" and their jewellery is as minimalist as you can get!

magdalyn said...

lol thats interesting. heres another one thats less connected: for a long time the girls from work would call me magpie.. so its funny that im included) great mix of images.