Found photographs -- dimanche

Richard Prince by Craig McDean for Interview.
the incomparable nike sofia amorina felldin
jonathan leder photography
This photograph, and next two, by
Denis Darzacq

Mubarak Peace Bridge -wik
the 12 covers of i-D's march 2009 issue.
all british icons. can you name them all?


bluejacketfan said...

Your original photo of the young girl on the bridge (in Toronto ?) is still the best

Veronicahhh said...

which one is that? hmm need another clue!

Toban said...

Hate to point it out, but all the covers have the icon's name right one them. But I got 10 out of 12 without looking!

dandy gum said...

that 'nike' is so ugly!!

the new dazed& confused is MINT, u have it in canada?