Hey y'all.
I was photographed twice by famous people
this week. Once by Scott Loudoun on Wed
night at de bashment (left), with Noah and
Tatwamasi. plz excuse my straying eye.

But also once by Matt (who happens to be the
nicest man in the world, with the greatest camera
collection), who caught me the morning after
the bar at Street Level Espresso.
So I'm also featured on The Vic Chic.


Noah Ferguson said...
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Noah Ferguson said...

We famesies yall!!!

magdalyn said...

you look lovely in both, as always.

Aileen said...

YOU ARE SO COOL I LOVE YOU I WANT TO BE YOU I WANT TO BE WITH YOU SERIOUSLY. You look super hot in both photos. I'm a big fan of those raybans. LONG LIVE RAYBANS.

Serious, I love them.

Kiki said...

yea, that was me, when it says it was my sister.

Veronicahhh said...

thanks, guys <3

ps kiki you can borrow one of my pairs of raybans any day xoxox