hasisi park

Look closely at the photograph at right. closer. see it? good.

hasisi park takes some of the most intriguing photographs ive found on the internet in ages. I thought you might be interested, too.

here is hasisi park's bio, copypasted from her website:
1983, born in Seoul, South Korea.

1999, wore the worst and most expensive violet suit of my life to submit a drop out permission to my teacher.
she said something in German.

2000, talked to an English vegetarian grandpa in India eating heart shape steak, and got my name, hasisi. got a phone call from
Korea that I won a ¡®happy ssamnet prize¡¯ at ssamzie music video festival but I didn¡¯t go back to Seoul.

2001, put black eyed susan wallpaper on the windows.

2002, a bunch of oranges, figured out chestnut trees smell like semen.

2003, a huge mistake of my life, started to go out with Robb who gave me a bunch of oranges in 2002.

2004, yelled at my crew in a set studio to bring the fucking zoom lens right now. got the best director prize
at the 1st Korea International Youth Film Festival though¡¦

2005, cried. saw a couple having sex in my toilet, took pics then my head was smashed by ex-crazy lover¡¯s hand. went to the hospital,
paid with my card, worried about him.

2006, Jack, no more mistakes.

2007, lost something big, fuck mid twenty crisis.

2008, London karma fuck that too. one morning, wondering about how many same suits Kim Jeong Il has.

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