Lina Scheynius and the polaroid100project

As you know, I love Lina Scheynius' photographs. And i was excited to hear about this project, partly because I have her book and that's made me want the real thing, but also because these are so unique. Anyway, if anyone is looking for gift ideas and has 100 euros kicking around, you know what to do.

part one!

for some sad reason polaroid has decided to stop making polaroids, and i'm finding it more and more difficult to find new ones to buy. so, going through my old ones the other day i realised i should make something with them. here is my selection of 100 of my old polaroids. they're all taken during 2007 and 2008 in various places.

if you wish to own a part of this project all the polaroids are for sale for 100 euros each (including packaging and shipping worldwide). just send me an email to linascheynius(at) with the number of the polaroid/polaroids you are interested in and your adress and i will send you a paypal invoice. don't forget to write polaroid100project in the subject field.
all polaroids come numbered and signed and with a little note saying when where and why it was taken.
thanks a million och bye bye polaroid!

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♥ Callah said...

polaroid is not making polaroids?? What a travesty!
I love the one on the sand.