look inside!

from left. mohair-wool hat, hm. keys and earbuds.
handbag, Lancel. notebook, MoMA. Tic Tacs.
Rose hair elastic. Iphone. Raybans.
Watch, bijoux Terner. Card case. usb key.
Nikon L35AF, value village. Cosmetics case
with hello kitty button. Labello chapstick.
Wallet with bayonets, Surface to Air.

at any random time I may also have the following
inside this handbag: Asus epc. Two+books. many crumpled receipts
and movie tickets. mini bottle of San
Pellegrino. Eraser-less pencils. Kit Kat Bars.

Oh- and if i'm not wearing one, there is always a
silk carré in the outside pocket.


angelica said...

WOW! i love to see what everyone else is carrying around in their bags. kiss

magdalyn said...

me too, i enjoy these

Noah Ferguson said...

Rad post. Love 'personal effects.' Once did a photo series on the crap my friends kept in their apartments. Should have done hand-bags, it's more telling. I was inspired by a documentary of Karl Lagerfeld, who might have the best assortment of personal effects ever.