according to urban dictionary.

#4 is awesome. but i'm not a stripper. but #2 somehow seems pretty close. eek.

2. veronica

Generally ambitious, kind, caring, smart, loyal.
1. Can be self centered at times.
2. Doesn't know when to stop doing the wrong thing.
3. Can't read people very easily.
4. Can be randomly mean when she feels it is necessary.
5. An over-achiever at times but is too lazy for her own good.
If she is quiet, but loud, she is definitely a Veronica.

4. veronica

the second most popular stripper name in the world.
lets go to the strip club to see some veronicas.


magdalyn said...

haha i think no.5 can work, no?

veronica on a thursday: "its due on monday instead of friday? so i have nothing to do until sunday night?"

Veronicahhh said...

i may be lazy, but i have great ambitions.. cancels out?

magdalyn said...

yes, thats something i forgot to say. also the lazy is controlled, not to be confused with out-of-control procrastinaton.