090310 -- what she wore

blazer+kicks, hm. cardigan+jeans, cheap monday. scarf, gift. handbag, Lancel. raybans P.

Had lunch at swan's with the girls and later received this message from Chips:

"Ms. Best, were you eating lunch at Swans today? I passed on the
bus, and I saw a girl laughing. The movements that accompanied
the laugh alone made me think it was definitely you, or some clone
of the amazing Vero."

I cannot believe/sort of love that I was recognized in a restaurant from a moving bus from my hand gesturing.


magdalyn said...

you should wear that blazer every day.

Gloria C. said...

I love blazers, I wish it were still cold enough here to wear them :/

Anonymous said...

love that blazer!

Kiki said...

I also love your new blazer! So sexy!

Susanna-Cole said...

Love your outfit, a fabulous take on the menswear style, looks great on you! <3