Alison Mosshart in Interview Magazine

Derek Blasberg


The Dead Weather


BLASBERG: Have you ever fainted onstage?

MOSSHART: Yeah. A couple of times, actually. I did at Lollapalooza, which was outside and about 115 degrees. The stage was black, and we felt like we were melting—the bottoms of my shoes were literally smoking. Another time, when we were in France in this massive auditorium, there were loads of people and absolutely no ventilation. I would look out to the audience, and all I could think was, You are stealing all my oxygen! It got stuck in my head. You guys are stealing my oxygen! And it kept on going around and around, and then I blacked out.


BLASBERG: The jeans you’re wearing look familiar.

MOSSHART: Embarrassingly enough, I think these are the exact same jeans I’ve worn on the past two tours.

BLASBERG: And the gold boots?

MOSSHART: I love my gold boots. Hedi Slimane made these, and now I have three pairs of the gold, plus pairs in every other color, in black, in patent. I have a friend [at Dior] who reorders a pair for me whenever mine get tired. I challenge anyone to show me a boot I like better.

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dandy gum said...

yes i will when i'm there (this summer ?)
in the meantime, i make do with the photos she sends me (her cuddling koalas etc)

hedi doesnt do boots anymore, how old is this interview?