Bob Dylan

My dad was a hippie in the 1970s. The good kind of hippie, not the kind like today with dreads who only eat seeds. He went on long canoe trips with his friends, grew a beard and long hair, and listened to the best music you can imagine.
Growing up, the music playing in our house Saturday mornings was always either The Beatles, Paul Simon, or Bob Dylan. My dad would get up early and make the family a huge breakfast before we went off for some awesome activity (he taught us to ice skate and ride bikes).
It is only in the last few years that I began to listen to Bob Dylan again. Maybe now that I'm older I can appreciate the poetry, and I can realize how lucky I am to have been able to see him live in concert with some of the best bands today, but I think it's also that I realize how great his music really is. I've gotten really bored of the music scene these days, despite some really tremendous rock bands (TV on the Radio, for example). I just seem to revert back to Dylan more often than not. Especially while on the bus..

Turns out Bob also has the best style of almost any man.
Not only do i love this photograph, but I love the leather jacket, too.
from Shot of Love 1981 (inside cover)

Kind of in love with this plaid suit, and those booties.
Live 1966 at Royal Albert Hall bootleg series vol. 4

This photograph is excellent. For a man famous for his guitar and
harmonica, he sure looks good in a pinstripe suit, haha.

Probably my favorite of all the album covers (and trust me, there are
quite a few...a career spanning more than 40 years).
I would probably wear this look as is today. It's that collar and hat. Rugged.

Now this is a more recent shot, from 1993's World Gone Wrong.
But it's Dylan as a flâneur!

If you want to hear any tracks, youtube has some of the remastered favorites!

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