Found Photographs -- collected mostly from friends

Mary Magdalene by anthony frederick augustus sandys.
Found at Patience's blog.
If only Coco looked this good with red hair.

photo of us found by Kiki.
seriously K this could be me and you.
im sure there are photos of us LIKE THIS that exist.
Josh has them all...

from mag-laflaneuse.
this is the perfect look. parfait. kthxbai.

i am a sucker for things with aeroplanes.

the eminent Kiki
as you know there is a HelloKitty+MAC collab
Kiki makes those things better.

Ish went away to Europe and I haven't heard from her since...
(photo taken by me, actually. not found. ha)

photo by adam gilmer.
reminiscent of the Precisionists.

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