Found Photographs -- Saturday

The Maja Casablancas, back from Miami, from the
cellphone diary.

The A380 Interior by Marc Newsom
thanks, Noah.

Lara multitasking, with Lily, outside the Balmain
show. via jak&jil.

Chanel Iman, peace!

Karechen, flickr.
best hair, best blazer, best keychain.

the end.... from filthylust.

Dree as magpie in Vogue Paris April 2k9.
It'll arrive here oneeee dayyyyy.

these babies are mine. the interweb is sending them to me.
i am very, very excited.

it's been a while since we had some Anja.. and
i've missed her. Here she is for the System s/s2009 campaign.


dpb said...

Ohs My Gods...

those could! be my boots.

That could be a man(?)'s leg!

I'm experimenting with punctuation(?).

Veronicahhh said...

they could be yours. but they will be mine first.

looks like futurist sound poetry.