Found Photographs-- some sculptures on Sunday

Terry sells watches.
This was for a Vogue Homme Int'l watch shoot entitled "Autoportraits"

Hyoni's new polaroids!
via Coacd

These sculptures by Larry Estridge
found at his gallery's site.

Lara gets intellectual.
via hereyougo

Hendricks’s two stuffed Doberman pinchers, one holding a limp fluffy black tea-cup poodle and the other with an adorable, though dead, long-haired milk-chocolate coloured dachshund.
found somewhere around haunchofvenison

Desiree Palmen
via pedestrian

Normally, i don't support the use of umbrellas.
however, i support the use of umbrellas as sculpture.
via bsqv

Translation: "I am happy when it rains. The rain protects me from others".
From the French postsecret.

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