Found Photographs -- Thursday edition

via theslyestfox
This is so eloquent I ought to send it to whomever shares champagne
with me from now on.

Though this photo encited a huge, stupid debate about whether
fur is ethical, especially when it's second-hand, Mandy looks like a fox
here so I reblogged. no pun intended.

Kurt Prenzel, German middleweight boxing champion
via dandygum
he is reading das magazin. if you know anything about that
publication please let me know.

ahhh a spooky shot of KM in the newly minted LOVE magazine
via lifebyida

one of ACNE's old advertisements from ages ago.

ethereal shot from girlmeetsnyc.
one day in a long, long time my hair might get this long. sigh..

this photo by 3-of-hearts

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