Fug the Cover : Nicole Richie for Blackbook's music issue (??)

So i realize i'm the super-poster today, but I am kind of taking a day off my obligations to chill and explore the internets. And- I found these and had to ask everyone the following questions:

1- Why is Nicole Richie on the cover of Blackbook?
2- Why is Nicole Richie dressed as Lady Gaga on the cover of Blackbook?
3- Why is Nicole Richie on the cover of the music issue of Blackbook?

and, alternatively:
Why didn't Blackbook just put Lady Gaga on the cover of their music issue?

images from popsugar.


Ish said...

Why is everyone starting to resemble Lady Gaga (Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, now Nicole Richie, apparently)? It's a weird and inexplicable phenomenon.

I lol'ed pretty good at this though. Brava Vero.

magdalyn said...

dear vero, today your issue notes are concise, and really get at the main issues in this publication. A+

belle.chantelle said...

aaahhaha this is so true
love your question...what IS she doing there?

E.K. said...

You bring up many good questions? Here's one. If Nicole is dressed as Lady Gaga then shouldn't not be wearing pants!

Veronicahhh said...

gee, pregnant women ought to wear pants. lol