I'm on the radio, y'all!

Remember this post?
The lovely Sam at martlet radio asked me a few questions as part of a feature program about UVic students.
If you want to hear me goofily talk about.. well, myself.. here's the link. Click play on the little sound app, and I'm about midway through the show, but it's all very worth listening to (especially that guy who has had more than 8 jobs in the sub!)
Veronicahhh on the Radio!

photo at left taken in Mowry Baden's studio.


call me glitter, little deer said...

woah THAT'S cool.

Susanna-Cole said...

Listening to the clip you linked right now, can't wait until your part! :)

Thanks for your sweet welcoming back comment, it's good to back, though I'm afraid I still don't get around to updating very frequently. :( Thanks for waiting for my posts though, hope they're worth the wait! <3


Anonymous said...

i listened and you are amazingly eloquent and refined and mature and enticing. i was impressed. p.s. as opposed to me who sounded like an 11 year old girl when i did my interview - you sounded effing sexy.