Looks (a/w 2009)

Here are looks I love. At left, Louis Vuitton. Love the top, messy buns. Love the heavy
liner on the upper lid, combined with the nude lip. Love the eyebrows! and of course,
that thing that looks like a bow but isn't quite a bow as hair accessory.
At right, at Chloé. Love the loose, romantic waves. and love the heaver bronzer all
over, but especially how it spreads from the eyelid onto the cheek.. soft yet
futuristic? I'll be thinking of these looks in the months leading up to.. autumn and winter.
well, except for the waves, which are impossible with my hair but gorgeous on my friends.


Styleseeking Zurich said...

The hair at LV looks great, that's perfect for lazy girls like me! :)



magdalyn said...

marc's lv shows are some of my favourites, so underated.

everyone is so caught up with the bags they dont pay enough attention to the incredible clothing and styling themes