Rick Owens (bis)

Remember last week this sensational interview with Rick Owens at Details I posted?
Seems he's really been opening up to the press as of late, cuz here's another personal interview with him at Vicemag. Here are highlights:

You seem pretty inspired by animals and their features, and you use lots of animal materials in your collections.

I suppose there’s a primal association that appeals to me, especially when it’s transformed and refined into something elegant. I like transformation.

As for your own hair, have you ever thought about cutting it? I mean, not that I want you to. Just asking. Please don’t cut it.

I doubt I ever will. I’ll be fine with a long cobweb wreath when the time comes.

..You’ve said that you’re a pragmatic designer and that you’d rather see your clothes in stores than out on the runway. If that’s the case, why are you so quiet on the advertising front?

Advertising pulls you more deeply into the fashion system than I’m willing to go. I have enough, and my business is growing at a pace that’s gradual enough to be safe, yet fast enough to be motivating. And advertising’s another job, like runway shows. Once you start, you need to be ready to do it forever. That being said, though, I never thought I’d be doing runway shows.

..What about Rick Owens as a teenager?

Rick the teenager wanted desperately to appear dissolute.
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