090404 -- Megan's disco birthday!

Tonight, I was invited to a Studio 54 party-- disco and the 70s.
It was Megan's birthday, and she did a rap for us. That woman was unreal! and the cake was great, too.
Duncan was so well dressed, he really reminded me of Bob Dylan, who I professed my love for this week. Brasley didn't seem dressed up, cuz he's hardcore like that everyday. I really ventured out of my normal comfort zone and wore a print!
WISH I HAD MORE PHOTOS, but there was a cutie there with a camera so check fb.

platform peep-toes, by aldo. dress, winners from ages ago (bought with adam, actually). bangles, holt renfrew.

all photos of me by Noah


N0aH said...

Bob is God.

magdalyn said...

the photos are awesome, i want to see this dress more, poster session!