me: oh, hi matt, nice to see you! you already know noah. this is my friend michelle.
matt: hi michelle, nice to meet you.
me: actually, you already know who this is. It's Ish! I blog her like every two seconds.
ish: i love that friends know us indirectly from the pseudonyms we use on our blogs.
matt: oh! you're that ish!

is it a problem that our blogs are constantly filled with photos of Ish, Kiki, and me
(or some combo thereof) photographed by Ish, Kiki, or me?


Anonymous said...

it is weird because that's the way i met kiera...but hey, welcome to the 21st century!

Kiki said...

Gosh, I hope it's okay, because otherwise...There's no point to my being on the internet.

PHOTOG said...

I like your blog - and your photos - the ones with Mag are great