Fast & Furious

I choose my friends wisely. I require them to share a love of both Michelle Rodriguez and tricked-out-but-also-well-styled automobiles. This way, when movies like Fast & Furious come out, I have people I can depend on to go to Tillicum mall with me (dirt mall), cruise through the parking lot, and see the movie.
Though the fastfurious franchise hasn't really improved on the titles of the films, they have improved the quality of the films with each installment. Recall that #2 was horrific, and that #3 redeemed itself? Well, this one was totally fun, albeit their attempts at a "plot" were misguided. By now, they should know that us fans only want to see FAST CARS GOING FAST. and michelle rodriguez. and vin diesel, i guess.
Now, given what it is, this movie deserves an 8/10. They would have gotten one extra point for not killing of michelle rodriguez in the first 15mins. And another for eliminating the sucky storyline. Overall, I'm glad I went to see it on opening night. It was fun, but it was especially fun to see the ricer del sols and preludes getting all revved up about it, too.


Nick Best said...

booooo on the spoilers

Ish said...

DUDE. I haven't seen it yet!!

Veronicahhh said...

as if i actually spoiled this movie for you.