A Few Memories of the 20s and 30s Growing Up in Pleasant Valley

Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon with friends on Adam Gilmer's chinatown balcony. In his place, I noticed this story, written by Dwight Gilmer (his grandfather), which was given to the Gilmer family at a family reunion. As I started reading, I told Adam how amazing this document was. He agreed, and suggested that I put it on this blog.
So the following isn't part of my regular programming, but I love that he suggested that I share it with you all, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
ps. if you guys have any other interesting things for me to share, send em over!

Adam Gilmer's Blog.

or- adamgilmer@gmail.com
Adam is also a photographer. I have secret dreams of becoming his art dealer.

Here are the pages in order. Figured this was the easiest way to show this. Enjoy!

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