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so... we know alice d. sports this look. but who knew it was contagious?
all i can do is wail unhappily. cassie you were such a pretttty girl. 
and that me and u song is so sexxxy. you ruined it. you are so not 
a california-cokehead-richwhitegirl-brat. 
photo from people.
she called it: “Something that will shock your mother, but make her call you a ROCK STAR….yeah I did it.” 

Reebok Detroit Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk Premier 2009 Winter Classic Jersey
if youre watching the game right now against the Blackhawks, youre excited
about the penalty shot.. and the 4-2!
da blackhawkkkkkks
Could this look be any more put together? 
I would never agree with these shorts in theory, but all together, it just works
Hanneli via leflassh

Alma was my favorite blogger. FOR-EVER.
then something happened and her blog is now in limbo.
i miss her and her long, long hair.

twins! by thenewkid
doesn't this make you want white docs?

this is very tiny, but it's a photo of Melanie Griffiths lighting her 16-y/o daughter's cigarette.

Happy Saturday: Naomi for YSL

Richard Prince Cowboy.

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call me glitter, little deer said...

this girl called 'cassie' looks pretty cool and sounds pretty cool too.