found photographs -- 420

You guys really, really need to see Let The Right One In,
if you haven't already. Seriously. Not only because of the hero's
amazing wall-paper (seen here) but there's a vampire, too!
I want this Leirvik bed frame. It's at Ikea. thanks!
my birthday is sort of coming up...

photo by Nicole Lesser

Entering City of Vancouver, 2002. Installation view at Catriona Jeffries
gallery, Vancouver. via happy accident.

Crowd Pleaser, photos by Corinne Day. styling by Kate Phelan.
Vogue UK October 2005.

Ahhhhhh Clémence Poésy! I heart you!!!
photographed by Benoît Peverelli via BDSP


Ish said...

I think if I ran into Clemence on the street (Paris fantasy ultimate winner) I might faint. Then, when revived, I would propose.

Matty said...

Damn, you keep on picking all the obscure movies that I'm loving these days. It took awhile for me to get into Let the Right One in but by the end I was fascinated with the characters. The end kind of didn't fit with the rest of the movie but I found it to be a nice comedic relief. Although the cat scene had me laughing too.