Found Photographs

Sorry it's been a while since I did one of these posts. I have no idea whether or not you guys like them.. I wonder actually. But I like them, so here it is regardless.

from Vogue China Jan.09
via styledby-lewak

Photo by Vikto Vauthier. Fur + chelsea boots= perfection
via halloweentown

Untitled (My Favorite tree is at Main and Terminal)
C-print by Jeffrey Farmer

photo from tilde

you should see this movie. now.

photo from thevagabondset

Photograph of Nijmegen by Renee

I miss the window sills at my old place.
photo by Linnea

I keep telling everyone to get creepers.
right! how cool do these look?
from knightcat.

Arvida makes me want to chop my hair off.
Arvida makes me tell Ish to cut her hair off.
ps. HBD Mushter
Kate plays chess.
via capuccinobar

metallic pants! via anywayss

Alexa Chung in Giambattista Valli, for HP UK.

my life seems more complete.

this is maria
this just looks cool.


Ish said...

I personally love the daily photo posts- you find everything cool on the internet for me. It's the awesome.

magdalyn said...

they look like my shorts :)
and i enjoy these posts as well, keep doing it

♥ Callah said...

I also love these- it's amazing what you can find randomly on the net!