Louis Vuitton Collaborations

For a while now I've been meaning to do a quick post on the myriad collaborations Louis Vuitton has had in the last little while. Marc Jacobs' knack for pairing the label up with a hot counterpart came up at a dinner with friends, and it seems worthwhile to point out that many of these projects have really improved brand recognition. For example, LV+ Kanye West (sneakers, see below) brought LV exposure within a whole new demographic. Anyhoo, take a peek, and let me know what your favorites are!

Louis Vuitton and Sofia Coppola
This goes first because Sofia is one of my favorite movie directors. Though she comes from a Hollywood dynasty (her dad is FF Coppola- you've seen the Godfather series..), she has earned her success. Her films (including Lost in Translation and The Virgin Suicides) are visionary. Her personal style is flawless. Here is a duffel from her collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Though the prices are beyond almost anyone's reach..I can dream. This must be the perfect handbag. images from thefashionspot.

Louis Vuitton and Kanye West
As mentioned above, these sneakers appear to have been designed (or..imagined) by Kanye West. The only problem is that it doesn't seem like anyone at Louis Vuitton bothered to look at them before putting them into mass production. These are horrible. Almost as bad as Lanvin's attempt at sneakers (laughable). Bottom line: I wouldn't wear these. I wouldn't want my man in them either. If I wanted velcro i'd stick to air force ones. haha!
source of left

Louis Vuitton "Stephen Sprouse" Collection
I'm sure you've actually heard of this one.. or maybe even seen some of the pieces from the collection! These have a real original influence: graffiti. I'm joking, I actually like this, though my style rules prohibit actually owning/wearing things that so blatantly advertise a brand. Mainly, what I like about this collection is the homage to Sprouse, who is a fashion pioneer in his own right. Photographs at left by Terry Richardson.

Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami
Left the best for last. A Japanese pop artist and a fashion powerhouse team up in a museum. This is, by my account, unprecedented. This line was true to Murakami's aesthetic (image at left, in MoCA), while still being within the greater framework of style that characterizes the Louis Vuitton label. The exhibition of this capsule at MoCA had an LV store inside the museum. What is most noteworthy, however, is that MoCA did not make a cent from the proceeds of this store within the museum! Almost unbelievable, until you learn that all the handbags sold were limited edition, and only available at the museum exhibit! Wow. As if all that wasn't enough, LV also had a few more tricks up their sleeve. The Murakami monogram (ex image on right) at LV was so widely counterfeited that the brand decided to set up its own kiosks selling the leatherwares in New York City, just like the sellers of fakes have (if you've been to NYC you've seen them)!


Anonymous said...

Holy shot those lanvin sneakers are uuuugly.

magdalyn said...

to be honest i think lanvins are better than the lvs. i feel like you can work them into an outfit more easily. but at the same time i feel like kanyes shoes will do better because of the hip hop following lv has. ah the many facets of louis vuitton