Mag is perhaps the most quietly sophisticated style-guru I know.
She went back to Toronto for the summer, and I miss her.
Thankfully, her blogs can keep me entertained in the meantime (sort of).
Her fashion blog, la flâneuse is a glimpse into what inspires her style, and la vie parapluie is a chronicle of images related to her favorite accessory: the umbrella.
I took these photos of her in the last few months here in Victoria.

Photographs taken by me. clockwise from left. Magdalyn and Missy after brunch. Mag at AGGV. Mag oustide Emily Carr house in the wind. Last two are Mag on LOJO.


Anonymous said...

i enjoyed this post - as i also have a girl crush on mag

magdalyn said...

oh my goodness vero you pull at my heartstrings

miss you guys soo much already!