summer looks

Dear friends,
For this summer, I am going to try a new approach to dressing myself. This will be an extension of what i do already, but as an actual project. My friend Kaitlyn told me the other day that she has a box with "summer clothes" which is different from her "winter clothes". Normally, I haven't done this. But this is kind of what I'll be doing.
My plan is to streamline my wardrobe, and stick to just wearing the things that I love, that are well-made, and fit well. I'm going to abandon the clothes I have that aren't just right, and instead focus on not acquiring more but sticking to the pieces I have that are essential, and gorgeous. As many of you know, I've been rather careful about what I buy in the last while. Though I have loads of stuff from hm, i always check what it's made of, and where it is made. I make no apologies about wearing leather and fur, and wear no synthetic fabrics. Instead, i stick to cotton, wool, mohair, with a bit of cashmere and angora here and there. These are the pieces I am keeping.
So in the coming months, you'll be seeing me wear the same clothes two (or more) days in a row. I do this already (disclaimer: i wash every day, change my under garments, and am not a dirty person. get over it). I won't be acquiring anything more. I'm likening this project to Andrea Zittel's-- albeit less insane. In the summer in Victoria, you don't need much clothes. And i'm approaching a more minimalist lifestyle, in a sense. Partly inspired by Zittel, partly by conversations with Mag, partly by this post (haha).. and partly by the desire to have an excuse to wear the same thing over and over.
Here are examples of what i'll be wearing over and over once the weather gets warmer. left, Tee by James Perse. right, dress by T by Alexander Wang. scarf by hm. these but with my usual black. these examples just both happen to be new, and grey.


Ish said...

I support this approach. Especially if it means distributing the things that are not in your wear-every-day pile :) xoxo

magdalyn said...

why, why do i not know about this wang tank?
and ps. that tshirt is ridiculous, down with tight cheap cotton. so glad you bought it.

pps."im not really into clothes. I wear one outfit like a uniform, and i have for years. Black sweatpants, black baggy shorts over them, a black or white cotton t-shirt, and a black cashmere t-shirt over that. i couldn’t imagine having to change outfits every day or having to change for the gym. this outfit takes me to the gym, to work in the studio, and then to dinner with a mink coat over it."

sorry for the novel

call me glitter, little deer said...

wow great stuff. but by zara i have seen a very simulare dress/tank. i think i should buy it :P

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed this post...because it was about YOU.

...and clothes - because i love clothes. my summer goal is to buy more clothes. oh, and accept my 50's style body when i wear them.