Two Things:

  1. look at how much fun I have when I don't have to focus on/stress about being a MA student 24/7! I can go to parties, eat cupcakes, drink wine, take pictures, and go for coffee with stylish friends.(aside: this photo is more proof that I have actually worn this bfblzr every day since I bought it).
  2. these photos are excellent, as they afford us the opportunity to celebrate Ish's birthday again! it was so much fun the first time. happy birthday Ishers! can noah please host another bday party for you at his amazing c-town apartment this weekend, too?
photos from Ish


Kiki said...

I am so jealous of that cupcake right now, Vero, you have no idea.

Kimmy said...

parties, cupcakes,coffee with STYLISH FRIENDS!!
Man I need me some of that sweet sweet loving.

Ish said...

Kimmy, as of tomorrow, you will be heaped with loving of the sweet sweet variety.

Photos were scanned by me but taken by Noah (probably obvs since I am in two of them).

You make that cupcake look extra good, V.

magdalyn said...

you + the cupcake = i love

Jessica said...


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Noah Ferguson said...

These photos were actually taken by moi, on my Leica M6 rangefinder. Just so ya know. ;p