For at least a few weeks now, my plans for SS2009 have been up in the air. I've had difficulty committing to any decision. In the last couple of days, I've finally narrowed things down. Though my dream was to just laze about, take pictures, travel, eat out, drink vodka, go to thetis lake, and sleep in every day, I have realized that I need to be realistic, and practical. Therefore, my summer will probably include part-time work (airplanes!), writing my MA paper, working on cool art and photography projects with artists and friends, eating out, drinking vodka, and going to the lake (although not every day).
On the work front, I'll be going back to West Coast Air. Seeing as I have to work in order to be able to afford to do all activities listed above, I've compromised (I'll work p/t). I'm excited about working with the float planes again. reallllly excited. I'll have more great photos from airplanes for you in the coming months.
All photographs taken by me last summer.

Other things I have to do this summer:
-pass driving test (don't make fun. i'm afraid)
-learn to develop photographs (overdue..)
-not buy more shoes/black dresses (paradox)

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it's like you are me.